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The Way You Do Anything…

Is the way you do everything.

Joe & I were traveling home from a show recently, and in my usual fashion, I had my phone, my iPad, my magazine(s) and my headphones all ready, on standby, as I always do. I bring all of that with me, and more, (just incase). I am usually surfing the Internet, FB, Pinterest, reading a book, listening to a book, or perusing email when we travel. It can be so difficult for me to be still (for hours) in the truck, as a passenger. And when I say, “be still” I am referring to my mind, not my butt (though that can get tough too.)

A few things I’ve realized about myself…truths: 1. I like having things to occupy my mind, stuff it full! And 2. I don’t have much “white” space, (meaning I fill it up…whatever IT is). But this particular night I wanted to think. I was looking for an answer…I wanted silence. So I turned off my phone, closed my iPad, took off my headphones and laid the seat back. Joe was listening to his book with one ear bud in, so I was good to go. I was onto something…

What I found was pretty amazing… at first the silence was really nice. Peaceful. Relaxing. Joyful. Yes, I was enjoying the space, the thoughts…it wasn’t so bad, being still. But after only a few minutes (or so it seemed) it became almost painful. The instinct to grab my phone and get on FB or Pinterest was so natural that it aggravated me. I felt like a junkie! Then I became irritated with myself for even trying this little experiment in the first place. It was stupid. I didn’t want to be still. I wanted to read. I wanted to get on Pinterest. I wanted to find the answer I was seeking OUTSIDE OF MYSELF. But really, it was only the distraction I was looking for in those places, not the answer. Why? Why couldn’t I… Just. Be. Still?! And trust that I would, that I could, figure this out, without distraction and by going inside of myself. (As you can imagine, meditaion does not come easily for me.)

And then I had an AHA moment… I always silence the voice that I hear (not the monkey mind, but the voice), my inner being, that part of “me” that has the answers, my intuition…with distractions. I don’t allow myself to feel what I feel. I KNEW (instinctively) that I had the answer, but why didn’t I “trust” that I did. I didn’t need an outside source or influence. I didn’t need distraction. I only needed to be with the feeling. The thought. I needed to trust myself that it would be OK. It was on the inside (it always is) not the outside. I wanted to tap into my intuition, which was the whole reason for the exercise in the first place. Silent prayer.

And when I did get silent (again) and the negative chatter was quiet, I was reminded of a quote that I had read (I’m not sure who’s) that says:

“The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.”

And I realized it was true! I saw it clear as day, in FULL color! In my eating habits, my inability to make a tough decision, procrastination, the way I will stuff clothes in my drawer, the constant need to get the opinions of others, the never ending feeling of not being enough, and on and on.

Everything. I. Always. Check. Out.

So I made a conscious decision right then, at that moment, to just stop it, and to paying attention to everything. When I find my mind wandering when I should pay attention, when I grab my phone to get on the Internet, (for no reason), when I procrastinate by not being decisive, when I’m standing over the trash can eating- OK, not literally, (well…maybe I have) that’s just  how we’ve always referred to it (in this house) when you don’t pull up a chair to sit down and eat! WHY am I standing over the trash can eating? Because I am not allowing myself to be present. Fully present. In THE moment. It’s just numbing out, not giving myself the satisfaction of enjoying the pleasure of the eating experience and the taste of the food (which btw we put waaaay too much focus on. Honestly, we don’t need that much food to live…we just don’t!)

So I changed my story. My truth. I actually like being present. It’s pretty cool. I’m really stoked about it. I notice a lot more about my surroundings. I like being silent. I like having limited interruptions, not being tethered to my phone, my iPad…my headphones. When you get silent and are fully present things begin to get clear. And clarity is blissful! I “found” my answer (and it wasn’t on FB!)


Gypsee Travels…A Day at the Market

This is filling one of my Core Desired FeelingsSOULFUL. And that’s what it’s all about. All things old, vintage, or antique…whichever you prefer. This is my soul food. I will take every chance I get to travel to a vintage market or street fair…one of my loves and passions. The worn look and feel, such character. I like to imagine the stories each piece could tell…if only. This picture of Joe being silly was one of my favorites of the day. Good times. 🙂

imageimage image image image image image image image

It’s Supposed To Be Easy

Why do we think that life has to be hard? That is was “meant” to be hard? My theory has changed over the years, from work smarter, not harder, to work on purpose- in JOY- enJOY. When you do THAT it will be easy. Find what is easy. Stay there, do that, breathe in THAT space. We were taught at an early age that life was meant to be hard. Well guess what? That thinking is flawed!

God wants to give us the desires of our heart. I do not desire for “hard” …do you? If you are not in your flow then it is hard. Find your flow…stop swimming up stream. We have been taught the “hardness” by those who do not understand the JOY, the ease in which life is meant to be lived. So how do you find that flow? How do you find your sweet spot? Turn around. Look in the mirror (if that helps.) Have you ever really done that? Not a passing glance, but a deep look into your own eyes? Try it. Go in.

Everything starts on the inside…everything.
1. Get quiet and listen to what is coming up. Where do your thoughts go? What are you “wishing” you were doing, right now, where do you desire to be? What do you daydream about most often?
2. How do you want to feel? Have you ever even asked yourself this question before? Has anyone ever asked you how you want to feel? Is it OK to want to feel alive? Vibrant? On purpose? Worthy? Confident? Courageous?
3. What are you pushing down that wants to be birthed? Is there a story inside of you that’s dying to get out? Something that you need to say? Something that you need to do? Somewhere that you need to go? Something that the world needs to hear? Something that ONE person would benefit from knowing? A lesson that only you can teach? (hint: no one else can teach YOUR lesson. God made us each unique for a reason.)
4. What’s stopping you? Right now, in this moment, what is stopping you? Is it fear? Fear of what? Money? Time? Judgement? Failure? Success? Your spouse? Your kids?
5. Now ask yourself how you will FEEL if at the end of your life you have regrets. Even worse than regret…who’s life did you not touch, because you held back? Who was kept in darkness because you didn’t shine YOUR light? The flame will only continue to burn when we light each others candle. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for others. There are people that NEED to hear your story. You WILL change someone’s life.

A great exercise is to write your eulogy. I know it sounds a bit morbid, but it will be full of insight and may be enough to light you up! Let us see you glow! (psssttt…start with ONE thing that is easy “for you”. It all starts with the first step…just take the first step).