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And on forgiveness…

Deep DiveDo I want to be right, or do I want to be FREE? (Worth repeating…) Do I want to be right or do I want to be FREE?


And since we’re here (on forgiveness that is) remember that chick in the mirror??? Yeah…her…she’s usually the one that needs your forgiveness the most. Send her some love. BIG love. Go ahead and do that now. SHE needs you. She needs Y-O-U!

And yes…send THEM love too. Even though…even though they hurt you. They wronged you. They lied to you. THEY LIED TO EVERYONE! They twisted facts. They stole from you. Robbed your heart. Your spirit. They took things that weren’t theirs to take. Forgive them anyway. Send them love anyway. Let it go. You made a mistake. An error in judgement. A wrong turn. You hurt someone. They hurt you. Mean, vile things were said…to you. About you. Why? What did you do to deserve this?!

Well you won’t do that again…

Or will you? Did you learn the lesson it was here to teach? Did you? Have you? Will you? Are you paying attention now? Have you accepted your responsibility now? Or is it all their fault? Still. Their Fault.

Because really you knew. You always knew. From the very beginning the signs were there. But you wanted to be right. You had to be right. Pointing fingers. Blame. Shame. Hurt. Guilt. Pain. It’s all there. But it feels so good to know…YOU. WERE. RIGHT.

Forgive them anyway. Send them love anyway…and let it go.

She is wise…SHE IS WISE. Do you know that now? Remember… remember when you said yes and it should have been no. You said no but wanted to say yes. What could you have done to change this; to turn it around? What were the signs? What did you hear? What did you ignore? Deep inside you heard her voice. And you didn’t pay attention. You heard her voice. She was trying to tell you…she was screaming…”DON’T DO IT. Say no. Turn around. Walk away. Don’t go. Bad vibes.” And you did it anyway. You squished her down. She was trying hard to get your attention. She wanted you to know. God she tried. She surely tried. She wanted you to listen…the signs were all there. “Back away. Don’t trust her. Don’t trust him. He lied (not the first time). He was late. She said she wouldn’t. She said she would. He didn’t listen to me when I said _______. He D-I-D-N-‘T HEAR me!” Responsibility. Truth. YOU know the truth. 

Let. It. Go.  …Time. To. Forgive.

Remember…yes…remember AND forgive them anyway.  That was then, this is NOW. You are present now. You are here now because this is what you choose now. You know now. You are wise now. She is wise.

You do not have to hear air bouncing off of your eardrums. The voice of God speaks to you through your body, your vibes, the feelings that you feel…your gut…it knows…it always knows. Are you expanding or contracting? Do you feel bigger or smaller? Do you feel joy or dread? That’s your answer. She knows…she always knows…  Listen to her.

And send them love. The point is to be FREE…always choose FREE.

Breathing Space…A Contemplation

IMG_7359No need to hurry. No need to rush. Slow down. Take a breath. Now let it out. Yes…that’s breathing. Remember to breathe. No need to be first. No need to be right. Let it flow over and through you. Absorb it. Patience. There is no end, no finishing, no arriving…only becoming. Becoming, transforming daily into the being you are. No need to rush. Slow down. Take a breath. Listen. God will lead you to and through every experience and every step if you take the time to pay attention. Listen. Ssshhhhhhh…..


What if it takes a year? This whole year. What if you spend this whole year and focus only on one thing. That thing. What if, after this year, it all begins. Love for self. Love for life. Love for others. What if you take the year? There is no lack. Only abundance. Plenty to go around. Enough for all. Everyone. No rush. Plenty of time. Limiting beliefs, old conditioning…let them go. There is no arriving, only becoming. No need to rush. Slow down. Take a breath. Space. Breathe.


Hungry. Hungry for what? Connections. Soul-centered, heart-centered, light-guided… connections. Golden opportunities. Shine. Happiness lights the path. You are your own guardian. No guilt. Extra presence. Women everywhere becoming empowered. On-purpose. On time. No rush. Slow down. Take a breath. Live BIG. Free-spirit, playful, soulful (SO-FULL). How can you do this…how can you not? Take a step. One step. Get curious. Ask questions. Go inward. It’s all inside. Change. Your mind, your point of view, your behavior, your beliefs, your life. Shift your priorities. Drop opinions. Do not sensor your greatness. Be patience. Be forgiveness. Practice loving-kindness. That’s sacred.

Breathe…remember to breathe.





Live Your Greatness!

happy bd to me!March is my birthday month- today in fact, is my birthday. (Yay for birthdays!!!) I made a BIG decision this year. This year instead of making NY’s resolutions (as I’ve done before) I would instead set INTENTIONS. Intentions that I would put into place on or by my birthday, the start of my new year, in my new age. And those INTENTIONS will be based on how I want to feel in the world…what do I want to give? As opposed to “get” (in the form of a goal or a material object). My belief is that we are all here to serve each other with our gifts and talents. We are ALL good at something (we really are.) And the world needs YOUR something… that’s why you have “it”. Someone’s life will change because I said yes. Because YOU said yes. Maybe one, maybe 10,000, but doesn’t everyone count?

I love this quote from William Shakespeare- “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.”

I knew from the moment I stepped into a classroom to lead a workshop that teaching, being a voice for something I loved and believed in, was what I wanted to do. I just needed to find my path. As I’ve grown more into alignment with WHY I am here, I have most certainly evolved. It’s all a process. And going through the hard and “really sucky” times is part of it.

Knowing I wanted to teach is one of the reasons I became a coach. A health coach in particular because of my dad’s cancer. So can I say that his cancer was a blessing? (one of those really sucky times) Yes. Yes I can. Looking for the blessing, the light in the darkness is also part of the process. (There really is no darkness, only an absence of light. Flip the freakin’ switch!) Every experience has brought me to where I am today, just as it has you-even if you haven’t recognized it as that. It’s all growth in one form or another. You can either find the flow of your life or you can fight the current. I choose flow.

My coaching education and experience has led me to facilitating workshops for women. Helping them to better serve themselves and their families by making empowered decisions. Making their own health a priority is usually on the bottom of the list, and it’s a critical component in being and staying healthy. (I’m not negating that many men do this too, but I’m a women and I can better relate. I’ll let the men teach the men.) This is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at this very moment in my life. It’s all divine. I’m on purpose and in the flow of my life.

How will that change from this time next year? I have no idea, but I am open for all sorts of possibilities. OH, the possibilities! I know that I’m paying attention and looking for divine guidance every step of the way. Looking inward for answers and signs, for the intuitive feelings that are telling me to say YES, or NO!

The first time I said yes to leading a workshop I was terrified…and I did it still. In spite of and because of the fear. I shook, my voice quivered and my palms were sweaty. And because of stepping into it, I felt like a better person when it was all over and done. I had conquered the dragon! If you ever want to feel pure exhilaration, I encourage you to step into your fear. (I of course am not talking about the fear that says- this isn’t safe, you’re in harms way-totally different!)

Know that fear is a NECESSARY part of the growing experience. Know that WE are all greater than those fears that want to keep us stuck and stagnate. That it (fear) will always be present. It’s a GIFT…say thank you!! We are never at the destination as long as we are moving and breathing, we are ALWAYS on the journey. We can’t breathe in the past and we can’t breathe in the future. We can only breathe in the NOW…take a deep breath and enJOY it.

So today, on the start of my new year, I offer a prayer to you and to me: share your gift. Step into your greatness. May we all say yes to that which we are called. May we all see that we have a purpose here, a responsibility to believe in ourselves. Try something new. Be vulnerable and GO FOR IT!!

Thank you God for giving me the gift of fear. It has guided me and brought me into alignment with my purpose. My passion. My gift that You gave me. Without it I would not know how to step up, and into that which I am here to do. Serve. Give. Love. I know that every time I step up, I am lifted up. Higher and higher. I wake up everyday and say thank you. Blessed. (Read “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield, if you haven’t already.)

Share your GREATNESS!!! LIVE your GREATNESS!!!