IMG_0494 It’s so nice when Joe and I get back on the road and set out for a new adventure (it seems we are ALWAYS looking for one). A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to travel to Chicago where one of my {many} soul sisters happen to live, so dinner was of course welcomed, and inevitable. I love these moments…the conversation, the laughter and of course the food! Deep connection, music, theories, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, curiosities… joyfully, they ALL did abound. What is life after all, but a series of these {fortunate} events?

We were intrigued with the hydroponic (organic) gardening operation that Jenny & Mike (her husband) have set up in their home. It’s freakin awesome! And to think that they’re able to grow and maintain a vegetable garden where they can always enjoy fresh greens from the comfort of their own home, regardless of the weather outside in Chicago….is amazing!

Now this is no “amateur” operation I’m talking about here. They have practiced with trial and error and lots of research to find the best way to maintain the soil and water (with large tanks of RO water that feed into the plants from their basement.) Not only do they maintain this operation inside their home, but they have raised garden beds in their back yard irrigated by collecting rain water and strategically placed hoses for summer growing. It’s quite impressive to see the work and dedication that goes into it this, their passion. They of course eat a vegetarian diet (and organic as much as possible.)

IMG_0493Although I AM envious of the fact that they are able to eat organically from what they themselves grow 365 days a year, I know that I would never have the tenacity or gumption to do what they do. Joe & I decided two years ago to leave the gardening to the experts (like Jenny & Mike and my mom & dad) and we would happily, joyfully, and with pleasure, support their efforts by purchasing our fresh produce from whoever is selling it, whenever possible.

As much as I love to eat fresh, homegrown food, I am NO gardener…no matter how much I “try” to be. Giving up the idea…the romance, of growing our own food was not an easy one; I really wanted to love it…I just didn’t. I am not like my momma…or poppa (who has hundreds of plants growing!) There are just too many other things I would rather be doing…like taking pictures, art journaling, moving furniture around our house…you know, those type of things. I am creative beyond creative, and willing to try just about anything to be able to express myself, but gardening just wasn’t working for me. With the exception of course, of a few herbs that I really have to do NO-THING with.

So dinner was homemade pizza made with fresh veggies (grown by the experts) fresh mozzarella and cold beer on the deck under the stars. Great conversation and great company…who could ask for anything more…really?!

Yep…life (a series of these FORTUNATE events) IS so, so good!