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Eat the Ice Cream

eating the ice creamDo you run away from or into that which you fear? Do you run away from people, situations, your thoughts and desires, your dreams, all because you’re afraid? Afraid to have the difficult conversation, or afraid of the person that will judge you, the dream you might not be able to achieve; the truth…YOUR  truth? (YOU ARE TRUTH) Do you feel free or do you feel caged?

Have you ever said to someone, anyone, “I would love to ______.” Only to have them say, “Why would you do THAT!? You could do THIS instead? It’s a much better option?” And you agree. But you don’t really agree. You simply push down your own idea and feel…disheartened or silly or sad. But you PRETEND to be happy. “Yes, you’re right, that’s a better idea.” But the DESIRE to do that which you originally wanted to do is still there. It doesn’t go away. It may be forgotten for awhile, maybe even years. But it’s still there. It’s always there.

The truth is, no one knows your heart, your desires, your dreams but you. And until you find the courage, the FREEDOM to live YOUR life, YOUR way, it will continue to hide inside. To lay low for awhile. But it will emerge. Someday it will need to be heard; need to be seen. It will demand to be seen.

How many people do you know (for example) that have went to college to pursue a “dependable” career, or a “sensible” or “safe” career.  A career that mom and dad told them they should pursue? Deciding their dreams for them. And how many times do they end up miserable and doing every damaging thing possible to themselves to try and fill the void of what they TRULY wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to say?

What I have discovered is this: if I continue to run away from, instead of into my truth then I am denying my most authentic self; allowing someone else’s idea to guide me. I am letting their beliefs define who I AM, instead of my own. And when I do that, when YOU do that, we are, in essence, giving away our power. Pushing down, ignoring, resisting the truth…living a lie. Why would I give permission for someone else to project fears onto me, and define who I am? Why would you?

It’s like going to the refrigerator and eating an apple when what you REALLY want is ice cream. What we don’t want to believe or haven’t been taught is that it’s OK to TRUST ourselves enough to EAT the ice cream; it will satisfy the craving. When we eat the apple instead, the craving for the ice cream is STILL there. It hasn’t gone away.

It’s the same with life! If we would only allow ourselves, trust ourselves, have the courage to do the things we wanted to do in the first place, we would know JOY. A little bit would fill us up; satisfy the craving. We wouldn’t go into debt trying to fill the space. We wouldn’t eat the whole refrigerator and then come back to the ice cream after we’re miserable and full but still CRAVING the ice cream.

Instead of being fearful we would be fulfilled. Instead of being “obedient” to others we would be FAITHFUL to ourselves. And when we’re faithful to ourselves everyone will reap the rewards. Imagine if the whole WORLD knew JOY. Imagine if YOU knew JOY, daily.

Trust yourself; your intuition is guiding you if you’ll just listen. And it’s saying, it’s OK…EAT THE ICE CREAM!

Do you follow your inner guidance? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Vintage Peddler

These are random pictures I took from last weekends show in St. Louis. Cameras, suitcases, burlap, books, clothing, and my friend Erin in her vintage attire serving up a helping of nachos. This is one of the best things about traveling and living a gypsee life, the people we meet and the friends we make along the way; family.

But my personal favorite (this time around) is the ad about “head room” for the standing child in the backseat of your car. 🙂 And let’s not forget the “sports ho”, an ad for Hanes shirts. Gotta love the way things were way back when. I wonder what type of things that we do now, will seem funny or absurd 20, 30 or 40+ years from now? I can only imagine.

Do you have any of these “old things” lying around your house? I know I do; I have a real love for burlap and suitcases, especially (and cameras and books and I could go on and on!)

Tell me…what do you collect?

I’m Gonna Miss This Girl!

Amanda & Me- April 2015

My Sweet Amanda…

OMG! This is soooo exciting!!! Our middle daughter Amanda is about to leave for a year long backpacking trip through Europe…solo. And everyone I know has asked me…“So…how do you feel about what Amanda’s doing!?!?! Aren’t you worried?”

How do I feel? Well the truth is I feel overjoyed, proud, tearful, excited, hoping-we-taught-her-well-and-didn’t-forget-anything, and everything in between (did I mention tearful?) I’m her mom and I have a very sappy heart. I’m suppose to be crying while I write this…right?

But really Joe says it best... “It’s not the quantity of life that you live, it’s the quality” …and I couldn’t agree more. We are ecstatic for her!

Am I going to miss her? Oh my GOD…like CrAzY! Am I sad that she’s leaving us for a year? YES! But only for my own selfish reasons; I love spending time with her. The mere thought of seeing her get on that plane always makes me cry (did I mention tearful?)

Have we encouraged her to be prepared? ABSOLUTELY! And she is. As prepared as she can be without actually doing it. Just wanting to do something does not, after all, accomplish the dream. She has a network of people she’s connected with who travel alone either often or as a way of life. She even attended a class for solo travelers that REI hosted a couple of weeks ago where she ended up teaching a few things; things she learned from her own research that weren’t mentioned. Her sisters and I will also be taking a class with her that REI is hosting only a few days before she leaves. It “just so happens” to be on the El Camino Santiago; the first stop on her trip. Coincidence this very class is only days before she flies out? I don’t think so.

Am I nervous, scared, worried? NO! I decided a long time ago that none of those feelings serve me. I am, as I already said, confident that she has done everything she can to prepare and plan. I always listen to my heart and my heart says she’s going to have the time of her life! But I’m human…and her mom (did I mention tearful?) When I do find myself in that dark place of feeling nervous, scared or worried, I always remember what Brené Brown says in Daring Greatly, and that’s to GET GRATEFUL! I immediately start listing all of the things I have to be thankful for and WHY. I remind myself that life is meant to be lived and it quickly silences the voice of fear and worry. (Can I now request that all of you who are nervous or worried for her do the same? Send her good energy and high vibrations! THANK YOU!)

I am so glad she’s taking the opportunity to LIVE HER LIFE, HER DREAM; not “the life” that’s ordinary and safe, because that’s what she chooses to do. I have a saying hanging on the wall in my office as a reminder to myself: “Most people tip toe through life hoping they make it safely to the grave…don’t let me be one of them!” And a great daily prayer from author Sue Augustine, “Lord, allow me to live as long as I’m alive!” Though you may find it hard to believe, her dad and I have encouraged her every step of the way. I like to think we had a part in her being adventurous and brave; her version, not ours. She who is brave, is FREE.

I know Amanda has MANY people praying for her and I have faith they will continue to do so throughout her trip and return home. I hope that if we, her parents, are happy and excited for her, that you can be too. Wish her well, safe travels, and send her words of encouragement (getting over being homesick can be brutal!) and yes, please keep her in your prayers! I’m gonna miss her!

You can follow her on her blog- (fear less-travel more)

You can live your life in fear, or live your life. I’m so glad she chose the latter.


LOVING My New (Old) Kitchen Island!

I am in LOVE with my new island! I was searching Pinterest for ideas and a way to create one out of an existing piece when I came across a pin where someone had used an old dresser…and I had one of those!Completed Island


This is how it looked when we started with a couple of old awesome rusty stools I got from my mom, and before we added the shelf to the back. This picture was during phase 1 of our kitchen project (you can see in the first picture that we painted the cabinets- that was phase 2.) I remembered seeing the shelf in the garage a few days before and it occurred to me that it could work for a bar if we attached it to the back of the dresser. It ended up being a couple of inches long, so we cut it down and were able to use the brackets that were already on it. (And he wonders why I never get rid of things…)

shelf installed pre-paint

preparing to paint

This is what it looked like before I coated it in Old White chalk paint, which by the way I’m also in LOVE with! 

pallet top screwed on

Joe then took a pallet apart that “just happened” to be the PERFECT length- no cutting! He just had to screw the boards down and sand it.

Completed Pallet Top Island

And here is the finished product, painted, sanded, wheels and waxed! 

Grandkid tested

It’s very functional and made it through the grandkid test! (Charlie thought it was just fine without the pallet top)


I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Would you have done it different? Post in the comments below.

Vintage Peddler Weekend Market

Vintage Peddler Weekend Market

St. Louis here we come!!! It’s so hard for this girl to stay calm when I know this is right around the corner! One of the reasons I LOVE what I do, right?! Shopping at a vintage market is pure BLISS! I find so much inspiration when I’m there. I will find a special treasure (or TEN!) then come home and get busy. I’m sure I could set up market with some of my past finds that I have rotated out. Hmmm…maybe I will…someday.

Black Market Weekend Tote

In all we’ve been given the final # of 91 total… AMAZING vendors. That’s awesome! This show will be inside and air-conditioned; it’s an upscale vintage market, so come ready to shop! They’ve also created a black market tote with a white Vintage Peddler Weekend Market logo on it.  The totes will be free to the first 200 shoppers who purchase a $10 weekend pass either online or at the door. Extras will be on sale at the door for $5 each. Show hours are Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4 (+beer and wine! eeeekkk!!!!)

Beckley Handmade Soy Candles

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We will have a good variety of our scented candles and a few tarts as well.

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Have you purchased one of your favorite vintage items at a vintage market or yard sale? Tell me what it was in the comments below and why you love it so!

See you SOON!