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Purposefully Exposed Cords

I may be the only person I know (besides my gypsee sister, Christie) that LOATHES cords. (LOATHES!) I will do just about anything to hide them. In fact I don’t think there’s a cord visible in our house. I hide them well and go to great lengths to do so.

But… I saw this post on Pinterest one day and heard the angels singing! (YES. I. Did.) How cool was that! And why hadn’t I thought of it??? BRILLIANT!IMG_9708

I pinned it and then forgot about it. I then found a huge roll of jute for cheap at a second hand store and immediately grabbed it. I didn’t go to work covering cords right away, but as soon as I saw a post on how to Feng Shui your office to remove energy blocks, I knew what needed to be done…right away. My chair needed to be moved to face the doors (the power position), and in order for this to happen I needed to float my desk.  No problem! I had the solution.

It took a minute to get a method and flow going, but once I got started it was easy. I can now say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of my purposefully exposed cords. I think it has a nautical feel to it. I have since done this on every cord that I haven’t been able to conceal well. They just look so much tidier and feel less cluttered, and I’m no longer in agony over how to hide them.

What do you think?



How Will You Keep Stress To A Minimum This Christmas?

I know what I’ll be doing…enjoying the season! The music, the lights, the energy in the air, the dinners IMG_1750AND desserts, the ugly sweaters, the movies…classics, favorites and the cheesy ones too! Contemplating the birth of Jesus and of course all of the Santa’s (I do have a large collection of them, after all).
Joe and I decided several years ago, maybe 2008, to STOP shopping for Christmas. I don’t mean STOP completely, but mostly. We decided that:

1. We didn’t have the “desire” to shop at Christmas, not like everyone else is, anyway.

2. This family was growing quickly, and let’s
be honest…we would not enjoy Christmas, as we now do, if we were stressed about what to buy for everyone.

3. Making gifts and buying handmade felt better and made a LOT more sense, for us.

4. Sharing memories meant more.

5. Corporate greed is way over done.

6. I LOVE the final outcome of the family video I make every year (as I hope they all do). It’s actually a bit therapeutic and a very enjoyable process. Creating it is not without it’s hiccups, but I always seem to figure it out (Marie Forleo says everything is figureoutale, I think she’s right!), and just in the Saint Nick of time!  Now if Apple would just stop messing with iMovie…
IMG_1754IMG_1756 So what will you do to keep the stress down this year? Are you willing to change some traditions and put “sanity”, “peace” and “calm” on your list? And what is your FAVORITE Christmas movie? (I could never narrow it down to one!)

I’d love to hear your ideas.




Comfort & Joy

I love waking up in the morning and fluffing the pillows from where we sat together the night before, relaxing. Him on the couch and me in the chair. A reminder of our nightly ritual. Like clockwork, he sits in the same place, and so do I. No need to think about changing “now”, although I do think his spot on the couch is more comfy than mine (and when he’s not home that’s where I’m planted!) Slipcovered and soft, like a favorite pillow you’d take along on your travels…that’s how that couch feels to me.

But my chair is good too, wide enough for two. In fact most would even call it a love seat, but with only one cushion, in my book, it’s a chair. A chair that’s meant to be lounged in, almost like a bed. I do that sometimes too, but mostly I just sit with my legs curled under me sipping my tea or wine, while looking for and indulging in, a new series on Netflix, our guilty pleasure, (we can power through a series in no time) and the occasional movie.

That’s our night, every night when we’re at home. Talking over the day, discussing the next, and winding down for the evening. So I love to get up in the morning & fluff the pillows from the night before and turn the cushions on occasion. Hang the throw back over the arm of the chair and know… same place, same time, tonight, we’ll be be there.

Home. Comfort & Joy.