27. State Parks

Think BIGGER than a sleeping bag! :)

Think BIGGER than a sleeping bag! 🙂

Tip #27 State Parks– This is for those that choose to camp or are thinking about it.

State parks are the first thing that we look for when seeking a campground. They have very affordable prices, excellent facilities and of course they are beautiful!

When we’re in a new park we like to check the whole thing out before we leave and make notes of any campsites that we like, for our next trip. I usually take a picture of the space # and load it into a file on the computer so I always know where it is.

Make sure you verify showers and electric before booking. Some state parks don’t have showers houses. It’s not a must have for us because we have a cap shower, but we find out ahead of time so we’re sure to pack ours, if needed.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried selling your art & crafts? If so, what was your experience? What is the one thing you want to know? Leave a comment below so I can help you figure this out and we’ll get your booty into action! (pssst..you CAN do it!)



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