28. Helpful Apps

imageTip #28 Helpful Apps- There’s an app for that…right? YES! I LOVE my apps. Joe can’t stand to pick up my phone because I am an app junkie! But here a few of my favorites for living life on the road and doing what we do:

1. Camp & RV- this app is NOT free. I think it was $10, but I LOVE it! It list all campground info, rest areas, truck stops, toll roads- you name it.

2. Priceline- when we have to have a hotel Priceline is my goto. I always start there.

3. Gas Buddy- always know where the best price is on fuel. And for us, you can use a filter to find diesel (not always easy!)

4. Halfway- this is just a really useful app that let’s you see the halfway point when traveling. Great metope spots (if you need them etc.) Sometimes we meet our wholesale customers on our way to shows so this is a great app!

5. Trip Advisor- this is just what it says-find restaurants. things to do, hotels-everything. It’s a great tool.

This is just a few- there are many, many more- but these are great for starters. Do you have a favorite app?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried selling your art & crafts? If so, what was your experience? What is the one thing you want to know? Leave a comment below so I can help you figure this out and we’ll get your booty into action! (pssst..you CAN do it!)



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