30. Just Do It!

IMG_9793Tip #30- Just do it! I cannot express this enough! If this is something you’re thinking of doing, or you’ve been toying with the idea and can’t make a decision, JUST DO IT! Go for it! There is nothing NO-THING to lose. You  will feel better in the end.

Not making a decision, is still making a decision; a decision to stay still, stay stagnate, stay in fear. Do NOT let fear stop you. It’s time to rise! Time to shine! Time to get busy living! Just do it!

How do you WANT to feel? Dream. Believe. Have faith. What will you do to get that feeling? Baby steps. Slow & steady. Consistent. Committment. Be committed. Rewire. Jump. You win because you are prepared for failure. Prepared FOR failure. Failure= one way it didn’t work. You are prepared.

You keep going. You know there is a way. Find it. Find a way. Figure—it—out. Keep going. Jump. Your beliefs always override your values. You believe. Are you interested or are you committed. Commit. Just do it.

I only have one more tip to go (and it’s a super easy one-a no brainer!) I hope you have found this month of tips helpful. I have enjoyed sharing them.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried selling your art & crafts? If so, what was your experience? What is the one thing you want to know? Leave a comment below so I can help you figure this out and we’ll get your booty into action! (pssst..you CAN do it!)



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