My FIRST skydive!

Hi! I’m Marie and this is my HAPPY, FREE, SOULFUL (SO-FULL) place, where my MANY creative sides come together and collide!

Why The Stay At Home Gypsee? Well…I’m fortunate enough to do what I LOVE…travel the country with my husband where we venture to art shows and vintage markets selling our made with love, soy candles (nurturing my gypsee soul.) But when we’re home, we’re home, usually spending time with family & friends, or working on projects making our home a home(nurturing my stay-at-home soul).  I’m also a licensed Desire Map facilitator and I teach workshops to support women in discovering their truest desires. I have many sides (but so do you, right?) 

My intention here is not to be out of this world amazing (though that is an awesome thought!) but rather I hope it’s a place to teach, inspire, encourage, and empower women. My background is in coaching, and I love to both inspire and be inspired. We each have unique gifts and talents; I hope to share some of mine here. I will talk about EVERYTHING! Because I, probably like you, am a multi-passionate woman. And like the average girl, I see beauty everywhere!

I’m a daughter, mother,  grandmother,  lover and maker of art. I’m a free spirit, a business owner, a wife, a creative, a woman that is deeply connected and knows her roots. I also LOVE to create beautiful things and make a space feel warm & cozy.

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I’m always on the lookout for kindred spirits, so WELCOME!