Comfort & Joy

I love waking up in the morning and fluffing the pillows from where we sat together the night before, relaxing. Him on the couch and me in the chair. A reminder of our nightly ritual. Like clockwork, he sits in the same place, and so do I. No need to think about changing “now”, although I do think his spot on the couch is more comfy than mine (and when he’s not home that’s where I’m planted!) Slipcovered and soft, like a favorite pillow you’d take along on your travels…that’s how that couch feels to me.

But my chair is good too, wide enough for two. In fact most would even call it a love seat, but with only one cushion, in my book, it’s a chair. A chair that’s meant to be lounged in, almost like a bed. I do that sometimes too, but mostly I just sit with my legs curled under me sipping my tea or wine, while looking for and indulging in, a new series on Netflix, our guilty pleasure, (we can power through a series in no time) and the occasional movie.

That’s our night, every night when we’re at home. Talking over the day, discussing the next, and winding down for the evening. So I love to get up in the morning & fluff the pillows from the night before and turn the cushions on occasion. Hang the throw back over the arm of the chair and know… same place, same time, tonight, we’ll be be there.

Home. Comfort & Joy.


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