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I have searched my entire life for the perfect diet, the magic pill, the easy way out. Yes, there are many, many, m-a-n-y diets out there. But what I have discovered over the years of losing weight, and gaining weight, and losing weight, and gaining weight, is this: the answer, the cure, the path, the desire all comes from within. At no time in my life have I ever fully taken responsibility for the life that I am living. I have blamed when something doesn’t go my way or when I can’t figure something out. Or when I feel like crap. It’s so much easier to blame and point fingers at someone or something on the outside, rather than going within.

I am here to tell you that YOU, ME, US…WE all have the answers. We always have. The problem is we don’t pay attention. We shut down that voice inside. Not the voice in our head, but rather our intuition. That part of us that knows, that guides, that leads us to our better self. For years I have silenced that part of “me”, not trusting or believing that I could possibly have an answer. How can “I” know what is best for me? Haven’t I been told my whole life WHAT to think, believe, read? Who to follow, who to watch? Jesus knows, God knows, it’s spirit, it’s religion, that’s unholy, that’s not what Jesus would do. Do you really believe that? Don’t you know better? Go to church. Go to school. Go to the office. Stop daydreaming. Pay attention. Don’t do that. Do this. And all along, the answer was inside. This is what I wish I would have known…would have been told…would have taught my daughters and sons.

You, I, we, all of us have a God given ability to find our own answers. That silent part inside; the whisper of God. Instinct. Intuition. DO you hear it? Is your body saying no? Is your body saying YES? Are you paying attention? Listen. Listen. Pay attention to that. Trust yourself to know the answer, God is guiding you. Get silent. Meditate. Pray. Listen to your breath. Feel your heartbeat. Does it feel good? Does it feel right? Is something off? What does your gut tell you? That my friend is your answer.

I do not want to ever cut out an entire food group. I want to live. I want to taste the pleasures that life has for me…all of them! And I want to do it responsibly. Not a “diet” not a “program”. Not a “proven system”. I want to create good habits so that living a life and feeling good is natural, the way God inteded it to be. He thought of everything. He left nothing out. He wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to give love and to receive it too. He wants you to enjoy the pleasures that He has so graciously given to us.

Without love you have nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! (NO-THING).

And guess where that starts? With you.

Can you make a decision right now to be happy despite not having the body, the life that you want, in the present moment? And know that you are worthy? If you can do that, start to feel good each day, everything you desire will come to you. It is TRUE! Love yourself, feel GOOD. Share LOVE & JOY with everyone you meet. GIVE. Love. BLESSED. Behave as if it is coming TODAY! What would you do if you had the body that you desired today? How would you treat it? What would you do? Would you go for a walk? Would you dance? Would you celebrate? Would you make love? You are a magnet! You will attract all of this into your life if you do it now…do it now as if!

Inspire others. Encourage others. You are the authority in your own life. Do not give away your power, YOU are the expert of YOU. Ask inside of you. Your body, your cells, are listening to you. When you blame and judge others, you are blaming and judging yourself! And you WILL attract more of that. Want more love? Then send more love. Give more love.

Stop. Stop in this moment. Stop. Breathe. Breathe. Inhale light. Exhale dark. Inward. Love. Say it…say it…I love you. Say it again. I love you. Take a moment. Sit with it. Be still. Be silent. Inward first. Always inward first. Now…who have you not forgiven? Who do you hold responsible for your misery? Who are you shaming? Who are you blaming? Who do you judge? Stop. Right now. Breathe. Silence. Breathe again. Now. Say it. Say it. I send you love. I send you love. I send you love. Silence. Breathe.

Is it you? IS. IT. YOU? Of course it is. It IS you. It is you in different pants, different hair, different shoes, but yes, IT. IS. YOU. Send love. Right now. To her. To you. Send love.

When we find faults in others, we are looking in a mirror. A reflection of self. Forgive. Love. Believe. You. I. We. Are. Possible.


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