Pass the Bread, Please.

I LOVE baking bread. Actually, I love baking. Period. I’ve been in my kitchen a lot lately. As fall approaches every year I find myself nesting and getting ready to “settle in”. September is as much of a love as fall itself. In my mind, it’s the new January. So with that comes more time on Pinterest and more time with the oven on! Baking anything from scratch has always been a passion. Sometimes when I know I’m going to be home alone for a day or two, I plan my whole day around “what I will bake.” And off to Pinterest I go, looking for recipes and pinspiration.

This year we enjoyed some r&r time in a cabin on a lake up north. I couldn’t have been more excited. A dream come true… mornings spent with my book, a hot mug of coffee, Joe on the lake fishing and a fully equipped kitchen for me and lots of time to bake. Perfect. Yes, yes it was.

Baking reminds me of when I was a little girl. My mom made everything from scratch. Processed food had little room in our house, and growing up with a stay-at-home mom (I think all mom’s stayed at home back in “those” days…didn’t they?) gave me a great foundation.

And who doesn’t love a good slice of bread? I know there is much controversy over “bread” these days…I have had this argument with myself plenty! But my opinion is this: I love bread, I love baking it, I love breaking it; and I have no plans to quit any of it. It is both meditative and theraputic; an art form to some. I use good quality organic ingredients as much as I possibly can and I don’t eat the whole loaf. I share it. Non-GMO is SUPER important to me, and as of this writing, if it is labeled “organic” it is non-GMO and in my opinion safe(er). For those that have a gluten allergy or sensitivity (like my grandkids) and shouldn’t eat bread, please don’t. (btw…finding out if you have a gluten sensitivity is easy with my do-it-now-detox.)

I am not in favor of eliminating whole food groups, permanently, as long as you are: 1)not allergic 2)using good ingredients 3)buying responsibly and 4)doing most of your cooking at home (as much as possible.) We steer clear of processed foods in our house and do lots of “from scratch” cooking (yes, even cake…eat the cake!) I believe that is key (and psssttt…nothing is “good” or “bad”, those are just LABELS that WE give things. Think about it. Lose the label.)

I love being in my kitchen. And the benefits of doing something I love and enjoy far out weigh the “controversy” of whether or not we should be eating/doing it. Primary (soul) food is just as important as what we are physically putting into our mouths. Joe, my sweetie, is a hunter gatherer, so meat will always be a part of our diet. Responsible. Our freezer is full of venison, wild turkey and beef from a local farmer that raises free range cattle, eating lots of grass (you know, the way they are supposed to.)

Here is the recipe I have been using as of late.

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