Purposefully Exposed Cords

I may be the only person I know (besides my gypsee sister, Christie) that LOATHES cords. (LOATHES!) I will do just about anything to hide them. In fact I don’t think there’s a cord visible in our house. I hide them well and go to great lengths to do so.

But… I saw this post on Pinterest one day and heard the angels singing! (YES. I. Did.) How cool was that! And why hadn’t I thought of it??? BRILLIANT!IMG_9708

I pinned it and then forgot about it. I then found a huge roll of jute for cheap at a second hand store and immediately grabbed it. I didn’t go to work covering cords right away, but as soon as I saw a post on how to Feng Shui your office to remove energy blocks, I knew what needed to be done…right away. My chair needed to be moved to face the doors (the power position), and in order for this to happen I needed to float my desk.  No problem! I had the solution.

It took a minute to get a method and flow going, but once I got started it was easy. I can now say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of my purposefully exposed cords. I think it has a nautical feel to it. I have since done this on every cord that I haven’t been able to conceal well. They just look so much tidier and feel less cluttered, and I’m no longer in agony over how to hide them.

What do you think?



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