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Beckley’s Handmade Soy Candles

I have the pleasure and honor of working beside my husband, Joe, building a life together that we love. We have a home based business that gives me the flexibility to Stay At Home and create a space that is both joyful and beautiful as well as the time I crave with family and friends. It also allows us the freedom to travel the country selling our made with love, soy candles at art shows, street fairs & vintage markets. When we’re on the road we tent camp as often as possible, getting into nature as much as we can. And this…yes this… is where my Gypsee soul lives (seeing beauty everywhere!).

The bonus: I get to live my core desired feelings of -FREE-SOULFUL-PRESENT-BRAVE and LIGHT- all while experimenting and creating with this magical craft; an art that brings the senses to life.

For us, working together is no different than our marriage…it’s a commitment. Amazing things can and will happen when you trust in yourself and GO FOR IT!!! Do not let fear stop you…let it PROPEL you forward! #livingourdream!